Inside the future of airplane

Inside the future of airplane

On September 25th, we organized an event on the opportunities that existed between the public and private sector. During the panel discussion, Geoffrey Shuman, a former senior executive at Airbus, Vice President for European Affairs, gave us his insight into the intimate entanglements between these two worlds. We were able to discuss with this key player in the aviation industry. Thus, we went back to his speech during the conference, his views on public policies and finally, his vision of the future.

Just retired, he chose to stay on the lookout for opportunities. Aviation flows through his veins; it is the first thing we notice when we meet him. He began his career as an engineer, to then become, a political engineer, aware of the role of public affairs, and the realities and imperatives of both worlds; as time went on, he was considered an expert in the European Commission. The man has worn many hats during his career. Airport manager, safety expert… It is this extraordinarily diverse background, this global comprehension acquired through experience, that makes Geoffrey a key player in the field.

We asked him his view on the evolution of public policies in aviation. With a wry smile, he told us about the evolution that touches the subject. More efficient, regulations have become rational, aware of the needs and conditions of aviation. That did not prevent him from sometimes having promulgated some aberrations, he shares, amused by certain prohibitions.

« Some of our airplanes, not all of the airplanes, we use halon gas, as a fire extinctor for engines. If an engine fire starts, on an airplane, this is the worst thing that can happen, the only thing that would put it out is halon gas, nothing else will do. We needed some years to change that.”
For his remaining time on the panel, he shared with us a vision of the future made of autonomous flying vehicles, as secure as aircrafts (which remains the most secure transport among all), delivered one day by a service like uber, in a world full of Flying taxi whose legislation is yet to be worked out. He also dreams of a world made of fully electric aircraft. A bright aeronautical future that we all hope to see if such a thing were to be invented.

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