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Meet Dionysia Leolei, Business Alchemist & Founder of Premium Concept

Meet Dionysia Leolei, Business Alchemist & Founder of Premium Concept

Dionysia Leolei is a recognised consultant, manager and coach. Her mission is to provide tools and support that empower people and businesses to reach their highest potential, perform and unleash their powers. Through her company, Premium Concept Ltd, she provides consulting, coaching, management and mentoring programs that act as catalysts for business and personal success.

Dionysia has a masters degree in International Association Management and several degrees in management and business administration and is highly educated in Project Management and Personal Growth domains including entrepreneurship, business and performance coaching. She currently runs a global study in Management, with an emphasis in performance and growth.

Using science driven methodologies of consulting and coaching and the endless potential of human power, she helps leading edge entrepreneurs, businesses, leaders, and individuals master the force of their powers and create maximum value. She is a serial entrepreneur who inspires and challenges others to achieve their goals. She has started numerous business ventures, from consulting to import and trade.

Dionysia stands strongly for ethical business and advocates on the principle of the Value triangle including Life, Purpose and Wealth . She is passionate about entrepreneurship, wealth creation and personal growth and strives to deliver the highest value to partners, clients and her tribe.

She became a full time consultant, coach and interim manager in 2011 and since then she delivers value that brings long lasting positive impact in businesses and the lives of the ones she works with. She has designed multiple programs, products and solutions including online courses digital and physical products.

Dionysia wants to help as many businesses and individuals around the world and she continues on the journey to digitalise her consulting, coaching services and popular workshops, business and personal growth programs, making them available worldwide at competitive rates.

Till now she has helped over 100 Small businesses, 500 individuals, 35 industries and 20 fortune 500 companies, from 50 countries!

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