NGO : a key player in public sector

NGO : a key player in public sector

Today, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are a major player in international politics. They are not as recent as their current denomination might suggest, because these NGOs are in fact a continuation of the “works” and “charitable institutions” that the Western world has always maintained. For non-institutional organizations, they are important actors not to underestimate.

They are now assimilated to institutions, because they are an essential part in the resolution of conflicts and incite the state’s power to act by lobbying and alarming public opinion.

Charitable institutions have always been associated with the idea of ​​preserving social peace. However, they are different from political and religious institutions, because if they are destined for sustainability, charitable institutions should ideally be temporary, to overcome the momentary imperfections of the political and social systems that have been established.

Their neutrality has been displayed since the creation of the Red Cross in 1864, giving them unique mediation power. The good feelings that animate them and the help they offer on the field make these institutions most often respected by all belligerents in the resolving of disputes.

If NGOs claim their membership in the world of “civil society”, they are run with the logic of an institution. Their operation is highly centralized, with various managers assigned to offices governed by a very strict hierarchy.

The NGOs were initially dedicated to providing one-off emergency assistance. As time passed, they moved their actions towards development, prevention. This second role they have taken upon makes them a double-edged sword as an actor or peace.

Their importance, their cause, coupled with their most important quotient sympathy with the general public, makes them partners to consider when one wishes to develop links between the private world and the private sector.

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