Tactics to successfully make business to government sales

Tactics to successfully make business to government sales

Selling to a government is a very baffling thought for many businesses, the bureaucracy, extremely demanding contracts, tight budgets, government officials, etc. can seem too much work to gain anything substantial for the business. Not many businesses understand this aspect too well hence prefer to stay back and do business in the usual way. But if carefully a strategy is built a B2G opportunity can set a business on a highway to success.

A B2G set up can provide great opportunities for a business to grow as governments worldwide spend millions on contracts. Tapping into this opportunity may not be everyone’s favourite as certain processes about getting a contract in place are pretty tedious. Such as the very first step which is of bidding that can take anywhere from several weeks to months to come to a final result. However, it is no reason to keep a step back when it comes to doing business with the government. This great pool of opportunity if used correctly could mean great success and growth for any business.

How to crack a deal with the government?
Understanding the government

Like any business, it is extremely important to understand the buyer, in this case, is the government. For a business, once the product has been finalised, the next step is to understand the government, its processes and people involved. It helps if the people who you will be directly interacting with can be contacted such as if you can reach the department that will use your product. Finding out the line of authority and the final decision makers in the process also help in the long run, such as having good rapport with the City manager or the City clerk. Also, understanding what’s happening between various departments that are involved makes for a good move to keep up with the progress of the process and to gauge your own next move in advance.

Follow up after meetings

Many businesses would agree that the traditional cold-calling method works best for them when they are trying to get a contract with the government agencies. For many reasons, emails got very less attention and response rate was low. You can directly contact the team which will be the end user of your product, say for example, if your product is an IT product then it makes sense to get the buy-in from the IT team first and let them do the promotion part. As they would understand the product best and would potentially find a solution to their problem with the help of your product this would definitely make for a strong case.

And the work doesn’t end there; regular follow-ups are a crucial part of this process.

Keep patience

And then finally, patience is the key to getting through a tedious bidding and procurement process. By keeping your cool, you would also be able to think clearly ideate better and understand the nuances of the tendering process in the best way possible for your business

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