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How to Win: 5 Strategies to Boost Your Government Sales

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Selling to the government is undeniably a difficult undertaking task for any government contractor. Despite that matter, by concentrating on a few key important factors and methods, you can build your public sector efforts some structure in order to help your firm succeed in the government marketplace.

Building a government sales practice is one of the most difficult obstacles your company may face, and you need to have a go-to-market plan in place before you can maximize the opportunities that exist for your firm. We understand there are other key elements worth defining to help you accelerate your approach in selling to the government, for example defining the contract winning opportunities or the power of effective capabilities statement.

But today, let's take a look at crucial strategies on how to sell to the government successfully. Here are our top five suggestions for boosting government sales:

● Determine the streamlined method of how the government buys goods and services and identify its alignment with your products and services.

● Build a strong government sales and marketing strategy

● Have a list of best places to get updated news about Government Contracting Opportunities

● Make a list of your competitors and outsell them.

● Establish and Maintain a Pipeline

1. Determine the streamlined method of how the government buys goods and services and identify the alignment with your products and services

When determining which contract vehicle is suitable for your firm, knowing what products and services you're selling to the government are crucial, and it should be the first thing you acknowledge and take into consideration before jumping deeper into the selling process.

Another essential factor to keep in mind concerning selecting the ideal contract vehicle is through specifying which marketplace you will be selling your products and services to. A government market is a market where the main buyers and local governmental organizations purchase goods or services from private businesses.

In the government market, there is a specific procurement process that you must follow. A public bid or request is issued by a government institution when they need to purchase something. As a result, sellers and suppliers normally respond to the bid and provide offerings that are aligned with what the government institution has requested. The institution then needs to choose one of the offers that are suitable with the bid and also that provides the lowest possible bid. Other factors that the institution takes into consideration when selecting an offer are the seller's market reputation and how high the goods or service's quality are.

If selling to the government is not your current goal, but based on your findings and analytics your product offering would offer exponential value, you could consider collaborating with a reseller distribution to sell your products and services through their prime contract. Moreover, If you are not sure what contract vehicle is right for your company, our team can assist with any questions you may have.

2. Build a strong sales and marketing strategy

Now that you've determined which contract vehicle is best for your organization, what's next? The second, and most crucial, stage is to develop your government marketing plan. This may be accomplished in a variety of ways, including expanding your company's website to include a government section, case studies and white papers, and a stronger LinkedIn presence.

Because your website is the public face of your business and is frequently a significant investment, be sure to include a section dedicated to your government and public sector offerings, as this may significantly enhance your brand awareness in the government marketplace. When things go back to normal, add case studies and white papers on your website, as well as trade exhibitions and other government events. They assist your organization in presenting itself as a subject matter expert (SME) and provide significant value to the government when determining how your product offering will serve their objective. The primary purpose of your website, content, and materials is to make it as simple as possible for government purchasers to see why you're the finest provider!

While all social media networks can be beneficial when trying to improve government sales, LinkedIn appears to be the most popular among government consumers. By using LinkedIn to create your online presence, you and your company will be able to connect and network with government officials, allowing your firm to stand out from the crowd.

3. Have a list of the best places to get updated news about Government Contracting Opportunities

It's worth noting that web-based eCommerce portals can help your organization uncover practically all government contract possibilities. The purpose of being subscribed to a Government Contracting platform is to gain accurate and newest procurement opportunities. Moreover, the purpose of the government platform itself is to assist with acquisition planning by helping companies acknowledge the potential contracting opportunities in the most earlier time and process.

The contract opportunities include pre-solicitation notices, solicitation notices, award notices, and sole source notices. Moreover, keep in mind there are some important factors to consider why keeping yourself informed about government public procurement is important for your business (according to information as stated on European Commission Public Procurement):

In many sectors such as energy, transport, waste management, social protection, and the provision of health or education services, public authorities are the principal buyers.

The public sector can use procurement to boost jobs, growth, and investment, and to create an economy that is more innovative, resource and energy-efficient, and socially inclusive. Hence participation from the private industry is highly important.

High-quality public services depend on modern, well-managed, and efficient procurement.

4. Make a list of your competitors and outsell them

There will always be competitors; this cannot be avoided. While a competitor may not provide the exact same solution or service, the differences between your firm and its competitors help you stand out in the RFI/RFQ/RFP process by putting similar product offers on an equal footing. There are, however, a variety of methods for not only identifying but also outselling, your competitors. As previously said, one of the methods is to improve your internet presence and government marketing approach.

Identifying the differences between you and your competitors will substantially assist you in outselling them. If you can make your organization stand out from the crowd, you'll have a better chance of winning an award since government purchasers will find it simpler to find the finest solution to meet and surpass their requirements.

Remember that while looking for a solution, government purchasers are looking at a variety of alternatives and providers, and they frequently don't have the time to thoroughly investigate all of them. Make it simple for them to discover how your product differs from the others!

4. Establish and maintain a pipeline

Your organization has recognized a strong fit for your product offering, and you've won the award, but now what? Building and establishing a pipeline is one of the most critical things you can do. You'll need to keep track of your company's awards, renewal contracts, government budget estimates, and recompete prospects in order to do this.

Conducting market research is a crucial tip to remember while growing and establishing your pipeline. That is, identify and include in your pipeline any possibilities that you believe might be a suitable fit for your organization. Maintaining success in the federal and government marketplace requires being proactive and creating a 12-36-month pipeline. Expanding on current government contracts with larger task orders is another approach for your organization to grow its present pipeline.

Conclusions and next steps

When seeking a way to market to the government, you can essentially consider a variety of strategies. Although marketing and selling to the government are difficult undertakings, following these five guidelines should help you improve your government sales. To gain more knowledge and direct assistance concerning launching your government market journey and building significant growth contact us at , we are here to help with your government strategy and business development and needs.


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